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The Association represents the seven volunteer fire and rescue companies that provide service to Rappahannock County, Virginia.

If you are in Rappahannock County or just over the line into Culpeper, Madison, Page or Warren County and would like to volunteer to help the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Companies with all they do for the Community, please contact us for an application from the appropriate department. 

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Association Meeting Sched

The Rappahannock County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association Meetings will be at 730 pm on the third Friday of every month with the following meeting locations (which rotate in company order):

January 2023 - Washington Co 1 - 10 Firehouse Ln, Washington, VA

February 2023 - Sperryville Fire Co 2 - 11871 Lee Hwy, Sperryville, VA

March 2023 - Amissville Co 3 - 14711 Lee Highway, Amissville, VA

April 2023 - Flint Hill Co 4 - 945 Fodderstack Road, Flint Hill, VA

May 2023 - Castleton Co 5 - 593 Castleton View Road, Castleton, VA

June 2023 - Sperryville Rescue Co 7 - 12 Main Street Sperryville, VA 

July 2023 - Chester Gap, Co 9 - 42 Waterfall Road, Chester Gap, VA

Any changes due to Holidays will be posted in advance of the meeting unless canceled by weather-related events. The Meeting Notice will also be posted on the County Admin Board, Office of the Clerk, and Chief Administrative Office.  


As Fire and EMS providers, we are painfully aware of the suffering from Mesothelioma. Many of our Rappahannock County homes built before 1980 have a high likely hood of containing many asbestos materials, and those from 1980-1990 have some items containing asbestos. After 1990, The rules regarding Asbestos changed for the better. If you come in contact Asbestos-containing-materials, do not attempt to move them. Leave it undisturbed and contact an EPA-Certified asbestos professional to test and remove the material. To find out more, follow the following link to start your search for help or assistance.  



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